Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut to be released on June 26th!

Well the moment of truth is almost upon us. In just a few short days we will finally have some solid answers. Will the Indoctrination Theory prove to hold some truth and reveal Bioware's brilliant twist ending? Or will the Extended Cut merely be an attempt to make the literal ending make some sense?

Either way I just hope that it's good. As brilliant as I think it is, and as convinced as I am that it seems to be the only logical ending in it's current form, I am not married to the Indoctrination Theory. I just want Mass Effect to end in a logical and satisfying way. The current endings do neither, if the Extended Cut does then I will be a very happy Mass Effect fan. If it doesn't? Well maybe I'll take my Normandy model down, retire my Mass Effect hoodies and cancel my Liara statue pre-order. Or maybe I'll just get over and learn to love the series even with a poorly conceived and nonsensical ending. We shall see.

However come Tuesday do not expect this site to be updated with thoughts on the Extended Cut and what it means to IT. I am determined to replay through all three games in order to enjoy the Extended Cut, and I only just finished Mass Effect 2.

I highly doubt I will be able to get to the end of Mass Effect 3 by Tuesday, so I will be on a ME blackout as best as I can until I do reach the end. I have no doubt I will have it spoiled for me as far as if IT is true or not (I will not be able to avoid gaming websites for a week). But do not expect detailed analysis until at least the 2nd of July.

So by all means feel free to celebrate/gloat/discuss the EC in the comments. But know that I will not be reading them for a while.

Anyway Extended Cut here we come! By golly I hope you are bloody brilliant!

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  1. looking at some of the screen shots, I'm guessing it's going to be taking the time to expand on the literal ending... I see one scene with your squad mates behind joker in the Normandy, with joker talking to admiral Hackett about disengaging... I'm guessing the IT proponents will be let down by this one.