We prepare for the launch of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with a few small updates and fixes along with a post to expect more analyses once it launches!
The Adventures of Commander Shepard news! Andromeda impressions and a few minor updates and fixes on old articles. New site probably coming in the next few months.

Fixed a bunch of images that somehow became broken.

Some minor formatting edits. Added links to Pre-EC analysis after post EC analysis.

Part 1 of the Post EC Analysis is up!

New Introduction. Added Kotaku article to Other Thoughts.


Reorganized site for new analysis. Added Other Thoughts section. Added Quotes section with script from EC Catalyst conversation.

Edits and corrections. Preparation for full post EC analysis.

All new post EC introduction and section discussing the endings and the backlash. All new post EC analysis and evidence coming soon!

Added the section "The Boy, the Balcony, Reaper Growls and the Vent" to part 3.

Big update today. Fixed info on additional 1000 EMS if Anderson survives the TIM conversation. Added additional quotes and info on Mike Gamble interview in which he claimed the Reapers could win (Thanks c2k). Added section on twists in the endings of previous Bioware games. Added more detail and thoughts to the Reapers Motivation in part 6. Added Prettz' new video on the gun strangeness in part 2.

Added info on warning sign when Shepard discusses the boy with Garrus to part 3.

Completed the section in part 6 on the location of the initial Crucible/Citadel explosion and how it does not originate from the Local Cluster, as it is supposed to.

Added some newly discovered (to me at least) tweets that reveal the EC may have been planned long before the outcry. Added information and video showing the "weapon bob" that only occurs on the last mission (part 2).

Added the first images showing how far the Crucible explosion is from the Sol system in part 6.

Moved the Gun Strangeness section to part 3, added a lot more info and details to it. Added comparison images of Zorya and the Normandy crash planet. Added video showing the dream flashes and gun change at the end. Added thoughts in part 6 describing the similarities with the endings of Mass Effect 1 & 3. 

Moved to new site! Old site can be seen here for reference - parabolee.blogspot.com

Added info on reused foliage asset from dream sequence. Added info on Shepard's gun changing when selecting Destroy. Added BecomeAReaper code. Added more info on 1M1. Added comparison image for Breath scene object.

Updates on Plot ID's. More Dream Foliage evidence. Converted more video links to embedded video. Added ReaperIndoc files. Added video proving Control as only option after saving Collectors base. New tree reflection image.

Added Dream Foliage! Added all 6 endings as embedded video.

Added section about the tree reflections in the decision chamber. Started Twitter section.

Added info on plot ID's. Added thoughts on the Prothean VI. Added note on TIM's Predator gun.

Added more screenshots and analysis showing the dream dissolve in 2c. Added part 5 dealing with the problems with Indoctrination. Added link to Lit Professor's analysis.

Corrected some information and errors.


  1. Nice new digs ;)

    You'll hopefully find this post of mine helpful with the mass relay explosion thing. I take no credits for the pictures, just found them.


    1. Great, thanks! I was doing this exact same thing myself, matching the relays to the explosions but it wasn't complete and I was getting distracted with other things.

      This saves me some time. I'll update shortly and use these images. And your words if you don't mind.

      Thanks again!

  2. I have a few ideas that I haven't seen around... though, to be honest, I haven't exhausted all sources.

    The Klendagon weapon that TIM found that disabled the Reaper in ME2? He said it was defunct, however it is remarkably valuable in the fight against the Reapers. And it wasn't the Crucible.

    Speaking of which, isn't that just a "little" odd that the one thing to survive through all those cycles, all the destruction and all that time, is the blueprints for weapon to kill the Reapers?

    Why is the journal such a mess? It's absolutely useless! How can they mess up something that simple after doing it so well in the two previous games. The way it works is very weird and illogical.

    And I don't know about anyone else, but the lack of choices (and thus control) over my Shep's dialogue really unsettled me. It was more like watching a movie than participating in the story. Very much like how dreams work.

    The Arrival DLC has me puzzled. Now, I've never had internet connection on my xbox, so I've not played it. But, from what I understand, Shepard is on an asteroid that's housing a massive Reaper artifact just wizzing away signals... for two days. And is sedated for most of it.

    Um.... that's a bit fishy. As well as the fact that the Reapers, regardless whether you played the DLC or not, arrive at the same time. Doesn't that kinda... fly in the face of the whole DLC? If Shepard had to destroy the Alpha Relay to delay the Reapers, but didn't, how come ME3 has the Reapers coming six months later just as if you played the DLC?

    And then there's Ashley's rank. In ME1 she's Gunnery Chief. In ME2 she's been promoted to Operations Chief, which is, near as I can figure, basically the COB of the boat. So... how come at the beginning of ME3 she's Lieutenant-Commander? That's a very large jump in rank. I'm not an expert on military rank or commissions, but I know that Ashley started as a grunt, was still a grunt in ME2, yet is a high ranking officer in ME3. In order to become an officer in the military (currently), one must have a bachelor's degree to begin with, or go through the Warrant Officer ranks. Even if those requirements is no longer valid, her promotion to that high of rank in six months is not likely, even with battlefield commissions. Now, I think they combined both the Navy and Marine Corps ranking systems, but here's some links to check out:


    So, even if Ashely was a W1 in ME1 and was promoted to W5 by the time ME2, she still could not feasibly be a Lieutenant-Commander by ME3.

    Oh, and I even looked up Canadian ranking: http://www.aviationexplorer.com/canadian_military_rank_structure.htm

    It's still pretty much the same. I'm thinking that pretty much all of ME3 is just one large Indoctrination trick. It was just too odd compared to the first two. The story didn't feel right, the way the gameplay flowed didn't feel right. Nothing felt right. And the whole "we found a way to destroy the Reapers for good" bit was just too... convenient.

    I got more, but those are the main points that just have me scratching my head. What do you think?

    1. Interesting points. I'll investigate and add what I can. Thanks

  3. I was wandering when the video of EC analysis would be ready???

    1. Thanks for the interest. I have been so busy with other project recently I have not had time to tackle it. But rest assured, I will.

      I also have another very cool Mass Effect project I am working on, I'll post links here when the time comes.


  4. I found more evidence why the hologram in the end is in human form, if you look in the war assets, under the crucible, you can see that alliance engineers used the human-reaper heart/brain as a power source maybe that is somehow connected?

  5. So, will the project continue? A lot of time now without updates... I hope to see the entire analysis done!

    #HugeFanHere :)

  6. Thanks. I really do intend to continue this when I have the time and patience. It's a lot of work and I have been really busy. But I'll get back to it at some point, I promise :)

  7. 2 years now man! Are you going to finish part 2? :) Also, just thought I'd say - you have the same surname as me haha

  8. 2 years now man! Are you going to finish part 2? :) Also, just thought I'd say - you have the same surname as me haha

  9. Dunno if this site will ever be updated, but on the offchance it is... playing LE3, took the chance while in the "Citadel Tunnel" to photomode look at Shepard with visible scarring. Yellow glow within the red! Yellow is what Harbinger uses, where Sovereign uses Red.