None of this would be possible without the incredible work of a great many Mass Effect fans. I will try and credit and source everyone I have used to put this together. If anyone feels I have missed someone, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know and I'll be sure to add them.

From the Bioware Social Forum
Turtlicious - Compiled many theories used in that thread.
kyleh619, Deklan_Caine, Luc0s, Kitten Tactics, lookingglassmind: - Offered theories used in that thread
prettz - Screenshots of tree's before and after being hit be Harbinger and multiple videos used.
obie191970 - Boy next to Warning signs images.
balance5050 - Concrete rubble images from London
Rifneno - Feelings of being watched
Johnny G - Comments from Bioware
JTP117 - Dream Diolougue
Gallifreya - Feedback and in game comments that refer to Indoctrination
Sire Styx - Feedback
Rifneno - Feedback and End_Choice_Bad model
llbountyhunter - Feedback and Platform that raises for Shepard and Anderson
SS2Dante - Gun change when choosing Destroy
Destructorlio - Other Bioware twist endings

 - Shepard's Indoctrination (NEW)
 - Mass Effect 3 Ending - Worst Possible Ending
 - Female Shepard Breath "Mass Effect 3: Destroy Ending"
 - Male Shepard Breath "Mass Effect 3: Shepard Lives! Ending"
 - "Mass Effect 3 - Ending Movie Comparison - All the Colors"
 - First Dream Sequence
 - Second and Third Dream Sequence
 - Boy runs through locked door.
Bill Casey, balance5050 - Tree reflections thread


Other Videos
MyVids2010 - Mass Effect 3 Indoctrination Synthesis Saren/Reaper's Trick

Other Sources and articles of note

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