SIDE EFFECT: The Adventures of Commander Shepard GAME

UPDATE: May 17th 2021

To celebrate the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster we are working on a "Legendary Edition" demake! This new version will "remaster" the graphics in an older pixel style to more accurately reflect classic LucasArts games and will include some if not all of the following features (and more) -

+ Full voice acting!
+ New puzzles and dialog!
+ More Paragon and Renegade choices!
+ The ability to play as Fem-Shep or M-Shep!
+ All new art and animations!
+ Translations into other languages! (hopefully Russian and German at least)
+ And more!

Coming in 2021!


Surprise! So my secret Mass Effect project is finally ready. Now you all know why my long delayed rewrite of Mass Effect Indoctrination fell to the wayside. For the last year I have been working on a Mass Effect fangame. A point and click "demake", The Adventures of Commander Shepard is a satire of Mass Effect and a love letter. You also find a healthy amount of references to the Indoctrination Theory. Here is the blurb from our new site:
 While Mass Effect Andromeda won't see his return, Commander Shepard, still has one more
adventure in him!

A fan project and driven by a passion for classic point and click adventure games and more importantly the Mass Effect series; The Adventures of Commander Shepard is a fan-fiction “demake” and love letter to both.

Driven by our intense love for Mass Effect and our inability to let it go after Mass Effect 3, this project first began as a animated satire but soon grew into a full point and click adventure game. There is so much about Mass Effect that lends itself perfectly to the classic point and click genre, and we felt that trying to bring in some of the old LucasArts humour while poking fun at some of the tropes of the modern RPG was something that really helped blend the two together in a fun way that made our little fan-fiction “demake” the perfect homage to both. We hope you enjoy playing through this passion project as much as we enjoyed creating it.

 Download here


  1. since noone yet said anything, i will look into this, seems like a fun little gem.
    Apart from that: Any plans on when the new website comes and will u make a discussion forum? cause i'd like to talk about the indoc theory or others with the few people that still care for/play the trilogy and want to talk about it :)

    1. Thanks. Yes I think a discussion forum would be a good idea. Plan on working on the new site once I finish Andromeda. With my limited time that will probably be a few more weeks. I'm 66 hours into it so far :)

    2. I needed over 80 hours for it, so u still got something to go, enjoy. Despite the bugs and so on i think it is a well written game story wise

  2. This is great! I've only been playing for a couple of minutes, but I'm already laughing so hard I can barely point and click! I microwave sound was killing me! :-)

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  4. Wirds noch eine übersetzung ins Deutsche für die Untertitel geben?

  5. Ich bin nicht sogut mit Englisch schreiben schönes Spiel solange es keine Probleme mit dem Entwicklern der Reihe geben wird 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔